LinkedIn, and 64 million e-Harmony to steal passwords

"linkedin"Social networking websites and online professionals dating service E-Harmony from the 64 million LinkedIn users password was stolen. However, the number of stolen passwords, security experts are more than can be perceived.
LinkedIn said Wednesday the theft of this event. The interrogation, Reuters reported, password theft incident LinkedIn regretted the apology made by the authorities. The experts suggested to change the password for the taking.
The international security experts said, linkadainera stolen password ‘Russian hacker forums, the site has posted a hyakarara. Verify that the security experts of the United Kingdom Graham klulei. Klulei has also published a report of some of the password has been stolen.
The Twitter LinkedIn authorities said that they Evaluating. This will be detailed later.
LinkedIn users to quickly change your password as a precaution prior to klulei Graham said. With a complex password with the old password to change the speed of linkadainera he suggested. If the password or other important information that has linkadaine byabahuta – a website used to have those changes, he suggested.


New CTO at Facebook

"facebook"Facebook Chief Technology Officer charachena

Social networking Web site Facebook announced that its chief technical officer Brett Taylor to leave. The BBC said the interrogation, counter itself as a new departure for the organization announced on jakarabargera sahapratisthata and chief executive Brett as well.
Technology analysts said, on May officially share it. Apharim initial public (IPO) to mark the departure of several other large jakarabargasaha Facebook digit of their own pocket purechena overnight. After months of issuance of the IPO is not perotei Bret Taylor’s departure for his own company, announced today.
The fall in share prices since the Facebook shares. 38 dollars per share on Facebook, but now shares fell 1 percent of the cost.
Feelings about Bret Taylor’s departure, the new departure is on the way, but it must start your own organization, I decided to leave the organization. It is not pleasant to have yaoyata. But I am optimistic, Facebook group and led the organization to be more of the above. ‘
Taylor said, on camera, and Apple products to be associated with the matter said on Facebook that are positive and proud of him.
I could not understand it, the mark teilarera jakarabargera feelings. He’s professional attitude to have, ‘I got him with joy. He and his team have to work with Facebook, I am proud and grateful for. ‘

Apple 1 Computer For Sale

"Apple 1"

"Apple 1"Apple 1 computer, 3 lac 74 thousand dollars for sale

Apple created the first computer, the Apple 1 computer inakaraporetedera auction has sold 3 million 74 thousand 500 dollars. This auction is held in New York sadabija nilamaghare. Sadabija Authority, which was expected, many more than the price the computer has been sold. In 1976, a computer is still active. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Steve ojaniyaka manitarabihina create the computer. At the time it was sold for $ 66 666 decimal. Two buyers wanted to buy it. An anonymous telephone call after more than one person’s computer hemke purchased. It costs about 75 thousand dollars commission’s stand 3. Steve Jobs and Steve ojaniyaka after the first one to make more than the same shaft and half of the people who sold the computer to create the bandhubandhabasaha. Still survive in the presence of 50 ships, of which only six are now active. But now, especially with such a work is not. In addition to the auction of a memo written by Steve jabasera Apple 1 7 500 thousand dollars has been sold. Sadabija the concept of MIMO will sell 15 thousand dollars. Steve Jobs video games and computer games manufacturer, the role of time in 1974, four pages of the memo atarite choice. When he was 19 years of age. – By the BBC and Reuters abalambane rokeya

Facebook and life expectancy of only 8 years!

"8 years of Facebook"Social networking websites Facebook, the world is inconceivable that the current technology, but analysts are at risk of extinction within five to eight years may be up. Technology entrepreneur and founder of Technology Capital analyst Eric Jackson ayaranaphayara barate one interrogation Reuters news agency said, up to 017 or 0 and 0 current year, Yahoo! ‘s reach on the state.Eric Jackson said, is an online provider of Yahoo! ‘s mumursu’ is five to eight years in the phesabukerao dasai be the one. Yahoo still has influence on survival time, but it was a decade ago that the organization is no longer Pride.According to Jackson, the three generations of Internet institutions. Yahoo was the first generation online. In other words, the Web portal generation. The second generation is on Facebook. Social contact as a new generation has now susamaye. The third generation will be the most important. It will be the third generation mobile generation.Technology analysts said, if you survive the mobile generation Mobile Facebook will find a way to finance income. All users of Facebook, but mobile is still powerful enough to be on Facebook is not the case. The risk of extinction thakachei.Technology analysts have suggested, the cost of one billion dollars in the mobile phone application for Facebook gives inastagrama will also continue. Facebook fails to challenge the mobile website to quickly lose its popularity as a risk analysts.

Galaxy in mid June

"Galaxy"Samsung Electronics goods manufacturers and their organizations smartaphon Galaxy series of new products as `3 ‘Rolling smartaphona market.
4 decimal 8 In the Google Android operating system smartaphone Super ayamolida display the latest version of ice cream sandwich. The 15 June will be available from this smartaphonati syamasanyera.
The interrogation Reuters news agency said, in a ceremony in London the first week of the current month has declared a new smartaphonatira smartaphona Expanders koriyana priority of the state recently.
Before the ceremony, guests have sent cards, Samsung amanitrata told, `Come and Meet with the gyalaksira. ‘
`I have 3 smartaphonatite gyalaksi S. tracking ‘technology. The user can set the black screen with the smartaphonera.
Samsung has about 3 smartaphonati gyalaksi S., The Koran smartaphone 1 point 4 gigahartajera koyada eksinasa 4 processor, 1, 4, 8 In Super ayamolida decimal display, 1 GB RAM, better battery, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth and thriji facility.
133 g weight and 8 decimal 6 millimeter thickness of the Face Recognition Technology as smartaphonatite Features, Back at the Artificial Intelligent 8 megapixel and 1.9 megapixel camera at the front, `The Voice ‘technology called Voice Control.
Bangladesh is a country market in June, 144 S. 3 gyalaksi Samsung nilao white color.This will cost the country smartaphonatira at Tk 67.
Samsung’s fastest processor and smart features, because the new gyalaksi 3 smartaphonati Apple and Nokia’s new mobile aiphona 4 lumiya 900 – will be able to compete with the market.

Worker’s assessment by facebook

"workers"Existence for a long long time as an accepted method of monitoring the behavior of applicants Bhutanese have interviewed. Ages ago on the way to evaluate the organization’s behavior conversation applicants or banning people in high office. However, in order to present a formal, but came away employers. Social contact through lower level workers  like – dislike about various aspects of the assessment, consider the interest of employers have been clear.Has applicants more about their Facebook, Social Media ayakauntagulote tuitarasaha surveillance has become the normal way. In many cases, only the future can be assessed using the Facebook staff. There are two ways in the action. The first case is asked for the password of the account from job seekers of Facebook. In contrast with the human resources department of your friends or byabahuta official purposes through the use of reminder that the behavior of some of the staff.
After a person has been appointed to monitor the process continues. For example, a worker in his newly-found intention to be bound to the outside of the agreement. The agreement, executives can not publish anything negative about the staff.The Daily Mail reports that, in the coming days for employees to use up the assessment of social communication. IT research organization in order to report Narraganset the high 60 percent of the 015 people who work in social media, they will be monitored using adhinasthadera. This means an employee organization, or for any information about the important work you do not say anything negative about it, it can be known.The Wales of formally gartanarera Research Branch assistant presider  Andrew said, using the new technology of the digital environment, the assessment of the behavior of employees increased.
According to him, the benefits – both are difficult. Wales of formally told of the inside – outside of the organization’s evaluation process, depending on ability. Ethical and legal issues that need careful assessment before it.The staff at the beginning of this year free access to Facebook, employers or other persons of concern to the Facebook. The ill-being of people in the social communication of personal information published on this site.

Intel processors, Lenovo

Intel processors, Lenovo reveals dazzling to 800. "Lenovo"
Wishy-washy smartphone lava 900 – The Intel processor – Rolling on the smartphone market in China, Lenovo reveals dazzling prayuktipanya manufacturers. Lenovo reveals dazzling created ‘to 800’ may be let of the smartphone market in China next week.
The Senate on interrogation technical websites, Intel processor Silicon Graphics 400 MHz chip will smartaphonatite-half to four inches display. Lenovo reveals dazzling as the operating system, Android is the latest version smartphone Lissa user interface will be byabahuta cream sandwich.
Lasabhegase Consumer Electronic Show in January (siiesa) Lenovo reveals dazzling fair for the first time the 800 model is shown.
Technology analysts said, as the chip manufacturer Intel’s mobile products in the market to create their own position. Intel smartphone and shown to the computer, but by the start of sadyai. Lenovo reveals dazzling ‘to 800’ in their second smartphone. Intel processor-powered smartphone market will soon Orange, Motorola and jitii.