Dragon space



Shuttle era when the top of the primary non-public business buildings engineered spesaeksa ‘Dragon’ kargo yanati by the International artificial satellite (ISS) has been push. Eight thirty five minutes from Florida on Sunday night at Falcon rakete kargo yanatike has been sent. ten Oct International artificial satellite on weekday dragon land and coming by the top of this month. BBC News.
International artificial satellite for 6 aerial food, posakasaha alternative tools will carry the dragon spesaeksa. The mahakasayanati up to four hundred kilogram and might carry merchandise.
Agreement with the U.S. area Agency NASA has created spesaeksa dragon named at kargo yanati. The 106 million greenback contract with NASA on behalf of spesaeksera was. In could this year associate degree experimental spesaeksera ‘Dragon’ was ready to reach the International artificial satellite.
Spesaeksa additionally to the NASA Orbital Sciences Corporation (osiesa) name for the creation of an ad organization kargo visit work. future year, the corporate nearly $ ayantaresa ‘robotika rocket and visit the’ siganasa ‘test run. a hundred ninety million greenback contract with the roaring check of the NASA osiesera.
Go to the International artificial satellite mistreatment business organization kargo created additionally to delivering the instrumentation to the business area business organizations, mobile maintained by NASA. The arrange features a likelihood of harnessing the spesaeksa their dragon. Dragane appropriate atmosphere to make sure its security and survival in a very few years as an everyday service draganake attempt to use the space vehicle spesaeksa makers.
NASA administrator Charles boladena during this context, the officers aforementioned, the business organization chargeable for the NASA scheme to travel out of the hands of the many of the chance to be enough.



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