LinkedIn, and 64 million e-Harmony to steal passwords

"linkedin"Social networking websites and online professionals dating service E-Harmony from the 64 million LinkedIn users password was stolen. However, the number of stolen passwords, security experts are more than can be perceived.
LinkedIn said Wednesday the theft of this event. The interrogation, Reuters reported, password theft incident LinkedIn regretted the apology made by the authorities. The experts suggested to change the password for the taking.
The international security experts said, linkadainera stolen password ‘Russian hacker forums, the site has posted a hyakarara. Verify that the security experts of the United Kingdom Graham klulei. Klulei has also published a report of some of the password has been stolen.
The Twitter LinkedIn authorities said that they Evaluating. This will be detailed later.
LinkedIn users to quickly change your password as a precaution prior to klulei Graham said. With a complex password with the old password to change the speed of linkadainera he suggested. If the password or other important information that has linkadaine byabahuta – a website used to have those changes, he suggested.


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