Apple 1 Computer For Sale

"Apple 1"

"Apple 1"Apple 1 computer, 3 lac 74 thousand dollars for sale

Apple created the first computer, the Apple 1 computer inakaraporetedera auction has sold 3 million 74 thousand 500 dollars. This auction is held in New York sadabija nilamaghare. Sadabija Authority, which was expected, many more than the price the computer has been sold. In 1976, a computer is still active. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and Steve ojaniyaka manitarabihina create the computer. At the time it was sold for $ 66 666 decimal. Two buyers wanted to buy it. An anonymous telephone call after more than one person’s computer hemke purchased. It costs about 75 thousand dollars commission’s stand 3. Steve Jobs and Steve ojaniyaka after the first one to make more than the same shaft and half of the people who sold the computer to create the bandhubandhabasaha. Still survive in the presence of 50 ships, of which only six are now active. But now, especially with such a work is not. In addition to the auction of a memo written by Steve jabasera Apple 1 7 500 thousand dollars has been sold. Sadabija the concept of MIMO will sell 15 thousand dollars. Steve Jobs video games and computer games manufacturer, the role of time in 1974, four pages of the memo atarite choice. When he was 19 years of age. – By the BBC and Reuters abalambane rokeya


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