Galaxy in mid June

"Galaxy"Samsung Electronics goods manufacturers and their organizations smartaphon Galaxy series of new products as `3 ‘Rolling smartaphona market.
4 decimal 8 In the Google Android operating system smartaphone Super ayamolida display the latest version of ice cream sandwich. The 15 June will be available from this smartaphonati syamasanyera.
The interrogation Reuters news agency said, in a ceremony in London the first week of the current month has declared a new smartaphonatira smartaphona Expanders koriyana priority of the state recently.
Before the ceremony, guests have sent cards, Samsung amanitrata told, `Come and Meet with the gyalaksira. ‘
`I have 3 smartaphonatite gyalaksi S. tracking ‘technology. The user can set the black screen with the smartaphonera.
Samsung has about 3 smartaphonati gyalaksi S., The Koran smartaphone 1 point 4 gigahartajera koyada eksinasa 4 processor, 1, 4, 8 In Super ayamolida decimal display, 1 GB RAM, better battery, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth and thriji facility.
133 g weight and 8 decimal 6 millimeter thickness of the Face Recognition Technology as smartaphonatite Features, Back at the Artificial Intelligent 8 megapixel and 1.9 megapixel camera at the front, `The Voice ‘technology called Voice Control.
Bangladesh is a country market in June, 144 S. 3 gyalaksi Samsung nilao white color.This will cost the country smartaphonatira at Tk 67.
Samsung’s fastest processor and smart features, because the new gyalaksi 3 smartaphonati Apple and Nokia’s new mobile aiphona 4 lumiya 900 – will be able to compete with the market.


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