Facebook and life expectancy of only 8 years!

"8 years of Facebook"Social networking websites Facebook, the world is inconceivable that the current technology, but analysts are at risk of extinction within five to eight years may be up. Technology entrepreneur and founder of Technology Capital analyst Eric Jackson ayaranaphayara barate one interrogation Reuters news agency said, up to 017 or 0 and 0 current year, Yahoo! ‘s reach on the state.Eric Jackson said, is an online provider of Yahoo! ‘s mumursu’ is five to eight years in the phesabukerao dasai be the one. Yahoo still has influence on survival time, but it was a decade ago that the organization is no longer Pride.According to Jackson, the three generations of Internet institutions. Yahoo was the first generation online. In other words, the Web portal generation. The second generation is on Facebook. Social contact as a new generation has now susamaye. The third generation will be the most important. It will be the third generation mobile generation.Technology analysts said, if you survive the mobile generation Mobile Facebook will find a way to finance income. All users of Facebook, but mobile is still powerful enough to be on Facebook is not the case. The risk of extinction thakachei.Technology analysts have suggested, the cost of one billion dollars in the mobile phone application for Facebook gives inastagrama will also continue. Facebook fails to challenge the mobile website to quickly lose its popularity as a risk analysts.


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