Worker’s assessment by facebook

"workers"Existence for a long long time as an accepted method of monitoring the behavior of applicants Bhutanese have interviewed. Ages ago on the way to evaluate the organization’s behavior conversation applicants or banning people in high office. However, in order to present a formal, but came away employers. Social contact through lower level workers  like – dislike about various aspects of the assessment, consider the interest of employers have been clear.Has applicants more about their Facebook, Social Media ayakauntagulote tuitarasaha surveillance has become the normal way. In many cases, only the future can be assessed using the Facebook staff. There are two ways in the action. The first case is asked for the password of the account from job seekers of Facebook. In contrast with the human resources department of your friends or byabahuta official purposes through the use of reminder that the behavior of some of the staff.
After a person has been appointed to monitor the process continues. For example, a worker in his newly-found intention to be bound to the outside of the agreement. The agreement, executives can not publish anything negative about the staff.The Daily Mail reports that, in the coming days for employees to use up the assessment of social communication. IT research organization in order to report Narraganset the high 60 percent of the 015 people who work in social media, they will be monitored using adhinasthadera. This means an employee organization, or for any information about the important work you do not say anything negative about it, it can be known.The Wales of formally gartanarera Research Branch assistant presider  Andrew said, using the new technology of the digital environment, the assessment of the behavior of employees increased.
According to him, the benefits – both are difficult. Wales of formally told of the inside – outside of the organization’s evaluation process, depending on ability. Ethical and legal issues that need careful assessment before it.The staff at the beginning of this year free access to Facebook, employers or other persons of concern to the Facebook. The ill-being of people in the social communication of personal information published on this site.

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