Plastic Card Technology Seminar

"Plastic Card"Technology based secure plastic card and software manufacturers, and Leeds United in data card Group Corporation arranged a meeting at the ‘Journey with Yenisei Trends in card data card Corporation, in the seminar. The seminar was held last Monday, the government and financial institutions of various types of plastic card issue are also discussed. The seminar as chief guest to support Digital project director Nazrul Islam Khan said, ‘The technology – advantages that the card would be recognized.’
Data card of government, non-governmental organization working with the group’s Asia and Pacific region’s flag data card.  Angus Vice President, Director (Marketing and Business Development) and Marketing Manager Michael lyanganara phranakoyesa drise. Lecturer and seminar director of Bangladesh Computer Samity Mustafa, Standard Chartered Bank’s operations departments cards Rana Shahid Hassan Shahid and Leeds Corporation’s chief executive. Rajiv Singh, managing director of the South Asia region data card Indira rapid business expansion, to increase the scope of the Bangladesh flag on the card. The first light, he said, ‘The card is a big issue that can ensure your contacts. The information card technology can be combined, which is useful for everyone. ‘Card to work in the creation of Bangladesh in the data card. Resource person told in the seminar, said the national identity card, passport, driving license, the issue of security, smart identity card are required. The debit and credit card financial institutions, irredeemable chip and the same applies to the subject. The advanced security to ensure that plastic cards can benefit the common people.

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