New Smartphone

The next year "Smartphone"a new smartphone.
The popular social networking website Facebook on a smartphone brasserie.Facebook has created the smartphone market by next year. Constantly increasing number of mobile Facebook users, so the purchase of mobile services and creating the most complete smartphone Facebook. Already in the running of the talk. Apple iPhone with a group of software and hardware to create and shipyard lookalike Facebook smartphone has been known for creating employment. And 010 in their first smartphone will make up the news is, that because of various problems of light-knight. The country’s authorities, muthophonasanslista’s all part of working on.

How Facebook smartphone will be running an operating system – is still not known. The creation process is still at an early stage, according to the one found. Facebook to create its own browser as well as by ape-rake also has bought about. Different types of data – ape-rake survive in competition with babysitting browser is trying to work up anew.0 million users currently using the Opera browser. The rate of use of the Mobile Opera.Facebook with the Opera browser can be added as one of the great technology specialist.


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