The battery is not the problem!

Mobile phone battery is not charged, the battery is not durable teke – users will suffer such problems. The company recently completed a feature speyaraoyana mobile phone market as it is declared. The mobile phone has created a name for their ’emergency call’.
Most phone battery for occasional stability issues byabaharakarirai a question. Tips for those who use their phones to buy the parts for a product is the most important battery. On the other hand, almost everyone has questions about buying a new phone, battery durability is or what!
Speyaraoyanera created ’emergency call’ will be the most suitable for smartphone users. It has only one ‘AA’ battery. Interestingly, the durable battery power for 15 years. It is not useful to talk over the phone with up to 10 hours a panirodhaka bag. The phone is stable in all types of weather. It also has two flashlight, which will enable up to 4 hours. It is likely not a scratch.
Kyandibarera like to see this phone in front of all batanai. Weight is very light. Phone is turned on it will take you only a ‘AA’ battery. The user calls the phone must be connected to a micro-simakarda.
This phone allows you to dial the number to 911 without SIM simasaha or emergency calls at any time can be. The company said, the phone is coming soon. It’s the price of 120 dollars.


Facebook timeline change is coming

Facebook timeline of how the change is working. In its current timeline of the design of the new design are examined. The technical information in a well-connected sources barate Facebook senate website.
The new Facebook Timeline will be smart and clean. Two columns present the new pattern will bring the user posts a column. In addition, a small box on the right side of the timeline will be adjusted separately.
Facebook users will switch to the limited number of experimental tim

Add your own logo YouTube video

We share a Youtube video of the building. This video is about the choice of your own company logo can be set. Or a video to share with the company’s own advertising can be.

Just go to Youtube log in address.
Featured Channel-see here in the video to the right of the default logo samples.
If you want to set another lago Your channel avatar-‘s Custom-click upload to upload the. The JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG format 800×800 pixels 1 mogabaita the picture / logo to be uploaded.
Position-Where to sit right at the end of the video upload logo, select it and click the Save Display time set.
If all uploaded videos will show up in the logo.

Firefox ayadaansa website screenshots taken without

You can take a screenshot of the website. The Mozilla Firefox has several ayadaansa. The 16 version of Firefox ayadaansa complete without a screenshot of the page or pages can bhijibala.
For example, from the Tools menu bin developer / Developer toolbar-click and press Shift + F2, then come down to the developer toolbar. Here you enter the screenshot sdarponfull.png 0 true.
The screenshot will be saved and its location will be replaced by the full website. The website is as straightforward as it appears, want to take a screenshot tatatukura screenshot sdarponvisible.png 0 false then enter it here. Related seen the website, the screenshot will be saved and will show its location.
Here is what sdarponvisible.png and what format the file will be saved in the screenshots

Dragon space



Shuttle era when the top of the primary non-public business buildings engineered spesaeksa ‘Dragon’ kargo yanati by the International artificial satellite (ISS) has been push. Eight thirty five minutes from Florida on Sunday night at Falcon rakete kargo yanatike has been sent. ten Oct International artificial satellite on weekday dragon land and coming by the top of this month. BBC News.
International artificial satellite for 6 aerial food, posakasaha alternative tools will carry the dragon spesaeksa. The mahakasayanati up to four hundred kilogram and might carry merchandise.
Agreement with the U.S. area Agency NASA has created spesaeksa dragon named at kargo yanati. The 106 million greenback contract with NASA on behalf of spesaeksera was. In could this year associate degree experimental spesaeksera ‘Dragon’ was ready to reach the International artificial satellite.
Spesaeksa additionally to the NASA Orbital Sciences Corporation (osiesa) name for the creation of an ad organization kargo visit work. future year, the corporate nearly $ ayantaresa ‘robotika rocket and visit the’ siganasa ‘test run. a hundred ninety million greenback contract with the roaring check of the NASA osiesera.
Go to the International artificial satellite mistreatment business organization kargo created additionally to delivering the instrumentation to the business area business organizations, mobile maintained by NASA. The arrange features a likelihood of harnessing the spesaeksa their dragon. Dragane appropriate atmosphere to make sure its security and survival in a very few years as an everyday service draganake attempt to use the space vehicle spesaeksa makers.
NASA administrator Charles boladena during this context, the officers aforementioned, the business organization chargeable for the NASA scheme to travel out of the hands of the many of the chance to be enough.


LinkedIn, and 64 million e-Harmony to steal passwords

"linkedin"Social networking websites and online professionals dating service E-Harmony from the 64 million LinkedIn users password was stolen. However, the number of stolen passwords, security experts are more than can be perceived.
LinkedIn said Wednesday the theft of this event. The interrogation, Reuters reported, password theft incident LinkedIn regretted the apology made by the authorities. The experts suggested to change the password for the taking.
The international security experts said, linkadainera stolen password ‘Russian hacker forums, the site has posted a hyakarara. Verify that the security experts of the United Kingdom Graham klulei. Klulei has also published a report of some of the password has been stolen.
The Twitter LinkedIn authorities said that they Evaluating. This will be detailed later.
LinkedIn users to quickly change your password as a precaution prior to klulei Graham said. With a complex password with the old password to change the speed of linkadainera he suggested. If the password or other important information that has linkadaine byabahuta – a website used to have those changes, he suggested.

New CTO at Facebook

"facebook"Facebook Chief Technology Officer charachena

Social networking Web site Facebook announced that its chief technical officer Brett Taylor to leave. The BBC said the interrogation, counter itself as a new departure for the organization announced on jakarabargera sahapratisthata and chief executive Brett as well.
Technology analysts said, on May officially share it. Apharim initial public (IPO) to mark the departure of several other large jakarabargasaha Facebook digit of their own pocket purechena overnight. After months of issuance of the IPO is not perotei Bret Taylor’s departure for his own company, announced today.
The fall in share prices since the Facebook shares. 38 dollars per share on Facebook, but now shares fell 1 percent of the cost.
Feelings about Bret Taylor’s departure, the new departure is on the way, but it must start your own organization, I decided to leave the organization. It is not pleasant to have yaoyata. But I am optimistic, Facebook group and led the organization to be more of the above. ‘
Taylor said, on camera, and Apple products to be associated with the matter said on Facebook that are positive and proud of him.
I could not understand it, the mark teilarera jakarabargera feelings. He’s professional attitude to have, ‘I got him with joy. He and his team have to work with Facebook, I am proud and grateful for. ‘